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Visual Studio 2015では、Options/Debugging/Generalでソースサーバーサポートを設定できます。

しかし、WinDBG Previewでソースサーバーを設定する方法がわかりません。

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  • コマンド.srcfixを使用して、srcbrv.exeを使用するようにwindbgをセットアップします


    .srcfix, .lsrcfix (Use Source Server) The .srcfix and .lsrcfix commands automatically set the source path to indicate that a source server will be used.

    .srcfix[+] [Paths] .lsrcfix[+] [Paths]


      Causes the existing source path to be preserved, and ; srv* to be appended to the end. If the + is not used, the existing source path is replaced.

    Paths Specifies one or more additional paths to append to the end of the new source path.

    Environment The .srcfix command is available on all debuggers. The .lsrcfix command is available only in WinDbg and cannot be used in script files.